King Union (Europe) s.r.l. was founded in 2004, thanks to a commercial agreement with King Union (Asia), a company based in Hong Kong, with the aim of directly develop the high level packaging in the fashion industry by creating tailor-made items. In 2013 a quality control office was opened in GuangDong, China, to follow the production directly. Despite the Anglo-Saxon name, KUE has Italian roots, grounded in the field of aesthetic, creativity and design, these qualities confirm our Country among the leader of the global market. KUE knows very well the Italian savoir-faire, able to combine industrial production with handmade quality characteristics and the single-minded pursuit of the exclusive detail. In this way a KUE box is like a shell that holds a precious pearl.
Following markets developments and trends, that are ever more opened to companies willing to internationalise and compete in the age of globalisation, in 2013 we have opened an office in DongGuan city, China. Today 3 skilled people works with us in China. They have been trained and prepared to make quality control of production, search new raw materials and keep relationship with local suppliers. Their job is precious because it allows the dialogue between deeply different Countries both rich in culture and human skills. .
The perfect synergy for a forefront business.
Almost twenty years in the sector, build up his savoir fair, made of planning, constant research of new materials, care of details with special attention to the costs of production, that are a fundamental constituent of customers budget. These characteristics have quickly driven the company to work with the most prestigious international trademarks, growing also in the market of high jewelry.

In 2018 King Union (Europe) has revised his brand, adapting it to the needs of modern communication: simplicity, design and harmony. The result is the new KUE logo in blue colour: elegant, energetic, reassuring.