About Us

Nearly twenty years of experience in the luxury-packaging sector, makes up our working process, made up of planning, constant research of new and innovative materials, attention to detail and mindfulness of costs of production. Characteristics that rapidly brought the company to work with some of the most prestigious international brand, expanding even in the high-end jewellery sector. In King Union we know well the Italian ‘how to’ style: in our industrial production, we insert characteristics such as hand-made level quality and the minute research of the exclusive detail.


King Union (Europe) s.r.l. was born in 2004 from a commercial agreement with King Union (Asia) l.t.d. (Hong Kong) in order to develop a division dedicated to the luxury boxes, creating specific solutions for the customer demands like: window showcases for jewellery, sample holders couvette, luxury shoppers and tailor-made tissue paper. In 2013, we have a quality check office in GuangDong, China, for directly inspecting the production process by training workers in order to maintain high standards of quality, researching and developing new materials and new raw materials and following closely with the local suppliers. In 2016 we have opened an in-house laboratory that allows us to develop samples and produce high quality “made in Italy” product. Since 2019 we work in partnership with a factory in China, in order to increase the quality control and offer more competitive prices to customers.