"Having a dream is natural.
Realizing it, it is brave.
Making it grow, it is a luxury."

Since 2016 we started a special one . His name is ToDo Lab. Through ToDo Lab we have created an exclusive italian line: ToDo Cardboard, educational and safe games, exclusively realized in recyclabe cardboard in Italy. We wandered into the childrens’ land. On tiptoe, we have combine the disegn to the creativeness to offer a new way to play, rediscovering the ancient tradition to play with the adults, aiming at the development of coordination, of the observation and of the chromatic intelligence of the child. A challenge to which we have combined the important theme of the sustainability: to produce in the respect of the available resources; to create economic growth in our own territory; to give opportunity of independence to those people who are disadvantaged; to allow room to whom has innovative ideas but doesn't have a chance to produce them. We have asked ourselves several times: what the luxury is. Maybe, today it is what it goes out of our safe daily life and bravely it opens wide windows of new challenges.